Welcome to the Shade

David Belltower is the author of The Solstice Treaty, a supernatural thriller/urban fantasy.

In the small town of Beaver Hollow, West Virginia, forester Mark Steele has experienced the same reoccurring vision since he was a boyone that foreshadows a towering tree, menacing premonitions and his own suffocating demise. Tess McCoy is a former captain in the United States Army, harbors a debilitating secret and can't get far enough from her mountain roots to save her life.

When a mystifying accident takes the life of Tess' younger brother, a series of preternatural events are set into motion, propelling the former lovers from the oak-lined streets of the sleepy West Virginia town to the ever-changing seasons of an aberrant land - a wondrous otherworld called the Shade.

Here, within this tethered realm, Mark and Tess find themselves caught in an endless war that rages between two fabled demigods - a war that threatens to crest its mythical borders and pour without mercy into our own.

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Do you like Sherlock Holmes? Mysteries? Games that go beyond popping endless supplies of bubbles or launching birds at unstable structures? David has been working on developing NINE Sherlock Holmes video mysteries for mobile devices (and PC and Mac). Feel free to drop by HERE to learn more about how you can become part of the process, become a game character or write for the in-game London Times!



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